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q: How long is the warranty on BHI Split Level A/C ?

All Split Level A/C units carry a 1 Year Warranty on Parts & 5 Year Warranty on Compressor.

q: No Temperature Display on indoor unit

Press the DISPLAY button on the remote control to turn on the temperature display

q: The indoor fan keeps running, even if it’s cold and the compressor has stopped.

This is normal operation. The fan will keep circulating air in the room.

q: What is the Amperage used by the 1Ton unit? On a 3 Ton unit?

During Low Function it is 3 Amps, during High Function (hot day) it can be 12 Amps. On a 3 Ton unit the High function can be 15 Amps

q: What type Freon is used?

All BHI units were pre-charged with Freon R410.

q: Are BHI air conditioners UL certified?

All our units are AHRI Certified for the Coolant & INTERTEK Certified for the Electronics

q: The unit is not blowing heat (or cold) air

Please try from the top of the list of solutions and try the next one if not working. This can be caused by a series of issues.

1. Please make sure the remote control is set on heat (or cool) mode, the unit cannot blow heat or cold if set on other modes.

2. Please set the temperature to at least 80F (60F) under heat (cool) mode, the unit may not blow heat at a low temperature or cold at a high temperature even the correct mode is selected.

3. Please clean the air filter of the indoor unit, a dirty air filter impacts the unit functions and make it difficult to blow heat or cold.

4. Please make sure the temperature around the outdoor unit is appropriate, the mechanism of all air conditioners is blowing heat with outdoor unit in cool environment and blowing cold with outdoor unit in warm environment

5. Please refill Freon to 130 psi if the pressure is below 110 psi when the unit is on cold mode at 60F, or refill Freon to 480 psi if the pressure is below 440 psi when the unit is on heat mode at 90F. A lower Freon pressure would make the unit stop blowing heat or cold.

q: What size air conditioner will I need for a large room?

Measure, the Width x the Length, to get the square footage. See general rule chart:

1 Ton unit can handle up to 600 sq ft

2 Ton unit can handle up to 1,000 sq ft

3 Ton unit can handle up to 1,500 sq ft

q: What is the AC Voltage needed to hook up a Split Level air conditioner?

The 36K BTU (3 Ton) unit and 24K BTU (2 Ton) unit use 220 Volts, 12K BTU (1 Ton) unit uses 110 Volts, or 220 Volts, depending on the product type.

q: Does the Indoor Fan Unit use different AC Voltage than the Compressor?

NO. The Indoor Fan Unit gets its working Voltage direct from the Compressor Unit

q: What size line fuse goes in the Pull-out Box (Disconnect Box)

See Chart below.

1 Ton unit, use 15Amp fuse

2 Ton unit, use 20Amp fuse

3 Ton unit, use 20Amp fuse

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